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Character Profiles

Hi, this page is done really quickly, so the profile images are pretty boring, but I'll work on it further when I'm not busy. (Like updating my pages hohoho.)
These guys come in the order of their appearance!

Started: January, 29th 2008 (4:08 pm)
Purpose: Re-creating childhood works
Goal: Completing this story!


Name: Marie Etoile
God/Goddess of: Darkness
Age: 21
Birthday: January 18th
Occupation: Thief
Personality: Tomboyish and likes to joke around a lot. She likes being noisy and often brags about her feats. In her past life as a goddess, her personality was quite similar.
Likes: Shiny things, cute things, food, getting away with mischief.
Dislikes: Getting caught, sexism, feeling poor, Ellina.
Best Friends: Aeau and Vieau are her current best friends, but in her past life as a goddess, Siegfried was her best friend.
Love Interest: Before, as a goddess, she fell for Illusime, though she did have feelings for Siegfried. In her current life, she only sees Siegfried as her love interest.


Name: Siegfried Sankt
God/Goddess of: Life
Age: 25
Birthday: December 1st
Occupation: Warrior
Personality: Serious, over-protective, and often down to business. However, when he was once a God, he liked to fool around and caring.
Likes: Justice, world peace, his loved ones.
Dislikes: Disappointment and sadness in himself and others.
Best Friends: Currently none, he is hard to get close to. In his past life, Marie was his best friend.
Love Interest: As a god, he liked Marie, but he falls for Ellina in his current life.


Name: Aeau Valenti
God/Goddess of: Water
Age: 24
Birthday: July 13th
Occupation: Marie's sidekick/Gunsman
Personality: Quiet and thoughtful, but he also has a serious sense. As a god, he was known for his shy smile which made goddesses want to pinch his cheek.
Likes: Shiny things, food, arguing.
Dislikes: Siegfried, anyone who makes fun of his eyepatch, suspicious people.
Best Friends: Marie in his current life. In his past life, he didn't have any best friends.
Love Interest: Unknown, though when he was a god, he falls for Reena, the goddess of fire.


Name: Vieau LaCoeur
God/Goddess of: Love
Age: Appears around early to mid 20s. She doesn't like to reveal her age.
Birthday: February 14th
Occupation: Waitress
Personality: Frivolous, vain, seductive, and a mean gossip machine. Her personality isn't too different from her past life as a goddess of love, except that she liked to play "match maker" for others then. However, she seems to be more interested in her own love life rather than others in her current life, which can sometimes make her appear selfish.
Likes: Sweetie-pies, jewelry, money, cute girls and boys.
Dislikes: Siegfried, Ellina, anyone who gets more attention than she does, tacky items, and being alone.
Best Friends: Marie, though as a goddess, she considered all the goddesses as her best friends with the exception to Ellina.
Love Interest: Marie


Name: Illusime Razue
God/Goddess of: Hell/the dead
Age: 26
Birthday: September 24th
Occupation: Prince
Personality: On the outside, he appears innocent and bashful. However, that is only a facade to hide his real intentions, which is to be the most powerful deity in the world. (This wasn't always like so; he despises the other gods and goddesses because while they rule above in the skies, he is stuck in hell with souls of the dead.)
Likes: ???
Dislikes: All the gods and goddesses, though he hides it very well.
Best Friends: None
Love Interest: None


Name: Ellina Soleil
God/Goddess of: Light
Age: 20
Birthday: May 15th
Occupation: Flower merchant
Personality: Kind and innocent. She cares for all the people around her and does her best to befriend everyone. She is forgiving and a person who can listen to other people's problems and somehow makes them happy again. As a goddess, she is much the same.
Likes: Flowers, the sunshine, children, her loved ones, cute animals.
Dislikes: The dark, scary things, feeling helpless.
Best Friends: She is closest to Siegfried in her current life since everyone else seems to hate her for some reason.
Love Interest: Siegfried.

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