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Forever Aria

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Reply Oo_Orange_oO, March 15th, 2008, 3:24 pm

>_____>;; I was experimenting with my screentoning...

I didn't fail TOO badly did I? >_<;;;

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Reply Oo_Orange_oO, March 15th, 2008, 3:37 pm

>________< Thanks Resuu!!! =smooch= ;A;

I didn't like panel 4 the most LMAO. DDDD: But you boosted my confidence. >u< <33

Reply Koko (Guest), March 15th, 2008, 3:44 pm

xDDD I love this page!

"Did you just call me by my granny's name? 'Eff that's scary...."

And noooo! You did NOT fail AT ALL! You can never go overboard with toning is what I think. Hell, look at Vampire Knight. That's a lot of screen toning, but it looks hella aesthetic. ^^

Reply cocbys, March 15th, 2008, 3:46 pm


4th panel make him looks like blond Yclipt =D=D *loooove~*

Reply Oo_Orange_oO, March 15th, 2008, 3:46 pm

@ Koko: ;A; LMAO thanks so much Koko!!! ;A; =Smooches you too= x3

It was from lack of screentones. ._. And misuse of it LMAO but I just wanted to try it out. ><;;

Thanks so much!!! ILU! :'''D

@ Coc: LMFAOOO!! Does it??? :0 -Shoots Sieg- He's not good looking enough. ._. But thank-you!!! x3

Reply CITRUS.LOVE, March 15th, 2008, 3:46 pm

i love the toning of the "hand" in the first panel and the 3rd panel, it's so neat and awesome >w<!!!

Reply Oo_Orange_oO, March 15th, 2008, 3:47 pm

@ Citrus: *A* You're that KEY girl!!!! -Buzzes around and dies- Thanks so much for your comment. *u* I'm glad you liked those panels hahahahahha!!! xDDD

Reply catqueen13, March 15th, 2008, 5:13 pm

You... Do NOT under any circumstance... FAIL at toning! D:< Your toning rox my sox are you kidding me?

And I gotta know! Is he a stalker or a psychic? :3

Reply magik girl, March 15th, 2008, 5:37 pm


Reply xkrazydog, March 15th, 2008, 5:59 pm

Whoa epic XD. Its like "I KNOW UR NAME" Gwahahah XD. Mm ur tones are so lovely D8


Reply Oo_Orange_oO, March 15th, 2008, 11:40 pm

@ Catqueen: DDD: Thanks so much CatQueen!!! ;A; He is most likely a stalker LMFAOOO. xDDDDD It balances out like this:

70% Stalker
10% Psychic
20% Other


@ Magik: *u* WAIII!! It'll come soon! Huhuhu hopefully tomorrow! x3

@ KrazyD: KAKAKA epic??? xDDDDDD HAHAHAHHA I GUESS SO. xDDD ;A; Awww thanks so much D! <33333 ILU. D: <3333333

Reply MrJonesSoda, March 16th, 2008, 4:38 am

Dude, you're so freakin amazing. jAj

I seriously need your talent.

Reply bluecherries, March 16th, 2008, 7:52 pm

i cant wait to see what happens next ^.^

Reply CITRUS.LOVE, March 17th, 2008, 2:59 am

lol, the key girl XDD, since when i have such a nickname XDD~

anyway, aww, thought u were gonna update today, was looking forward for it >x<~~

Reply Oo_Orange_oO, March 17th, 2008, 7:05 pm

@ Jones: DD: Nuuuoooo. You have more talent. >_____< Why would you want mine LOL. xDDD Thank-you though!! ILU. ;A;

@ BlueCherries: Hehehe stick around for this Thursday! :''D -Has Friday off- *u*

@ DevilEvil: ;A; I'M SORRY!!! DDDx Homework took me awayyyy.

No actually, I did draw up a page, but then it looked so crappy so I'm going to re-do it. ;A; I'll do it Thursday. >_______< Did you update yet?

@ Citrus: LMFAOOO. Yeeeeaaaaah... I tend to make up nicknames like that LMFAO. D: -Is uncreative-

>_>;; Who told you that? It was Bunbun wasn't it? LMAO. Dx I'll update for sure this Thursday! :'''D

Reply KanakoAyume, March 19th, 2008, 3:02 pm

KYAAA I didn't know you had a webcomic, or an account on here!! ^^ hehe awesome!!!

I LOVE the story so far. <3 can't wait for more. -has an obsession w/ gods+goddess' and other stuffs- woooooH!!

Reply Oo_Orange_oO, March 19th, 2008, 5:08 pm

LOL. HWUT? You didn't?? DDD: AKSDJas SJ is only one of my most favourite websites. D:

HUHUHU glad you like it so far!!! *u* Hope you read more! x3

Reply Manga-Ka, October 1st, 2008, 11:20 am

He a stalker.:? well, I wouldent minde if he where following me! >x'D

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